Analyzing data on a map

Karta is a GIS data design consultant located in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Freelance geospatial services provided by Giel van der Leest. Since the founding of Karta, 2016, the mission is to help solve the world’s ecological and social problems using geospatial technology. 

Karta helps people turn data into information with geo-spatial analyses, and communicate their ideas with maps. Giel van der Leest is a geospatial data enthusiast. Geo-data, GIS and visualization are key. 
- geospatial data specialist (gis/fme);
- spatial analyst;
- cartographer;
- information design;

Karta only makes use of open-source GIS/geospatial technology.

Data collection
Data management
Data analysis
Data design
Data visualization
It is all related